Ways to help - Children of Alcoholics Week 11-17 February 2018

Ways we can help ourselves

Living with alcoholism can be stressful. It is important to take care of yourself. Try not to bottle up your feelings. Sharing your feelings isn’t being disloyal to your family. It can help you to feel less alone.

Talk to someone you trust
Call the Nacoa helpline 0800 358 3456 or email helpline@nacoa.org.uk
Talk to others in similar situations
Keep a journal or write a letter. You can email it to Nacoa too if you like.
Try to keep doing things you enjoy. It can help you forget about problems at home for a while.

Ways we can help others

Be someone people can talk to. Simply listening does make a difference.
Print and display the COA Week poster to raise awareness of the problem and sources of help available
Post on social media with the hash tag #COAWeek2017.

COA Week Poster

Change your Facebook cover photo and Twitter header.
Add the COA Week signature to your outgoing emails: COA Week 12-18 February 2017 – Raising awareness of children affected by parental alcohol problems www.coaweek.org.uk
Organise a fundraising event like a cake sale, download the charity single or make a donation to Nacoa
Consider volunteering – there are many volunteering roles at Nacoa or see do-it.org.uk for other opportunities in your area

Ways we can help in schools and colleges

Throughout classrooms across the UK there will be children carrying the burden of someone else’s drinking. This week is an opportunity to learn more about the issue and ways you can provide support for these students.
Download Nacoa’s Information for Teachers
Download and display the COA Week Poster
Invite a Nacoa volunteer speaker to give a school assembly

Download Nacoa’s Information for Professionals